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Bogang river Sports Park

Bogangcheon Sports Park

A resting space for Jeungpyeong residents, the Bogangcheon Sports Park

Situated at a land with an area of 50,000 square meters, the Bogangcheon Sports Park is the most renowned sports park in Jeungpyeong-gun. In particular, the cottonwood tree road that has poems attached to each tree is a proud resting place of Jeungpyeong where families and students come out to enjoy their picnics.

Bogangcheon Sports Park Facilities

The Bogangcheon Sports Park, which surrounds Bogangcheon, contains a total of 76 exercise facilities, physical training facilities, and convenience facilities in 36 types.

Bogangcheon Sports Park Facilities
Exercise facilities Physical training facilities Convenience facilities
5 types 5 fields 22 types 26 facilities 9 types 45 facilities
– foot volleyball field: 1 – parallel bars: 1 – artificial shadows: 2
– volleyball court: 1 – log jump: 1 – benches: 10
– badminton court: 1 – adventure playground: 1 – fountains: 3
– gate ball court: 1 – monkey bars: 1 – chairs: 8

A classroom for ecological experience, the Bogangcheon Ecological Park

Bogangcheon serves not only as a comfortable resting place for the residents, but also as an environment-friendly park that offers environmental protection and ecological experience by providing shelter to various animals and plants.

Diverse ecology of Bogangcheon

Bogangcheon has a total of 139 types of tracheophytes from 26 orders, 46 families, 103 genus, 126 species, and 11 subspecies, such as the moon root grass, reeds, flame grass, celandine, and short awns. It also has 4 species of special plants from 4 families, including hulteni, korea forsythia, microphylla, as well as 21 species of naturalized plants from 9 families like the curled dock, fatua, poor man’s pepper, and pennycress.
Furthermore, Bogangcheon has approximately 10 species of fish from 5 families – like the dark chub, skin carp, and goby minnow – 8 species of mammals from 5 families – like the raccoon, weasels, and elks – and 18 species of birds in 12 families – like the spot-billed duck, great egret, gray heron, rufous turtle dove, black-crowned night heron, daurian redstart, and great tits.