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Yul-li Vacation Village

Yul-li Vacation Village

Yul-li Vacation Village, the representative spot for Jeungpyeongs green tourism

Yul-li Vacation Village, a representative green tourist hotspot of Jeungpyeong, occupies 11,638 square meters of resting space and 945.9 square meters of three experience halls.
It includes lodging for 70 people, cultural experience hall for 170 people, and 370 pyeong of agricultural produce market and management hall, restaurants, etc. There are parking spaces for 25 cars, while facilities for soccer, basketball, and foot volleyball as well as resting areas, such as pagodas and huts, provide an area of relaxation for tourists and local residents as well.

Events hosted at the Yul-li Vacation Village

Every year, the Yul-li Vacation Village hosts a national mountain bike competition, inviting all mountain biking fans and enthusiasts all over the region. The new energy hall of Yul-li Vacation Village is also a frequent venue for hosting various seminars and debates.

Noteworthy scenic views near Yul-li Vacation Village

Samgi Reservoir, Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge, Mulchi Waterfall