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Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

Quality Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodging Complex

Located at Yul-li Jeungpyeong-eup Jeungpyeong-gun, the Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge is an outdoors vacation spot that offers a resting spot for urban people at the beautiful scenery, mountain, and creeks.
The forest road within the forest lodge is used as an MTB course and a hiking course.
By installing environment-friendly vacation facilities, we are able to offer healthy relaxation for our residents, cultivate the emotions of the people, and create an outdoors space where nature and people can coexist in harmony.

Natural life at Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

Consisting of rank 2 and rank 3 ecological nature, the Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge is home to 80 species form 27 orders and 43 families. Abundant plants include the Mongolian oak, pine tree, variabilis, and the Japanese chestnut tree. The lodge is also home to wild animals, such as wild rabbit, squirrels, elks, and boars, and we are organizing a feeding event during the winter.


The Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge is located at Yul 1-li Jeungpyeong-gun, at the border of south Jeungpyeong and Cheongwon. The lodge also has a forest road connecting Jongam-li to Imsang and a forest road that passes the Bang hill and connects to Hwawon-li.

Noteworthy scenic views near Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

Yul-li vacation spot, Samgi Reservoir, Mulchi Waterfall, etc