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Introduction of JEUNG-PYEONG

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Simbol
  • Industries

Visions and main policies of Jeung-pyeong

International City[Guannan Xian]

Life & Service

  • BANK
  • Hospital
  • education
  • Market

Guide to major tourist spots

  • Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

    Mt. Jwagu Forest Lodge

  • Yul-li Vacation Village

    Yul-li Vacation Village

  • Bogangcheon Sports Park

    Bogangcheon Sports Park

  • Jeungpyeong Ginseng
 Tourist Rest Stop

    Jeung-Pyeong Ginseng Tourist

Guide to main festivals

  • JEUNG-PYEONG Field Song Festival
  • JEUNG-PYEONG Ginseng Town Festival

Promotion videos

  • English
  • vietnamese
  • tagalog


  • English
  • Chinese

Guide to the Multi-culture Family Support Center